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Kosan Bar, a place like no other in 19th street

Kosan Bar

Kosan Bar sets the standards for Yangon’s new found night life with its decent café style furnishing and modern interior décor.

Kosan Bar warm and friendly staff

Kosan bar’s warm and friendly staff is quick and eager to serve you and your loved ones. Their service is one of the best in China Town.

Easy to find in Yangon

Kosan Bar is easy to spot from anywhere in China Town. It is situated near the Chinese temple on 19th street, in Latha Township, China town.

Kosan Bar’s hits

Kosan Bar takes pride in being well known as one of the best beer and cocktail bars in Yangon. This doesn’t come as a surprise as its Mandalay Rum Mojitos (around 800 kyat) and local and international liquor collection are a hit among visitors. In short, Kosan bar is ‘the bar’ to enjoy the best f Yangon’s night life at affordable prices surrounded by like minded local and international people.

Cocktails at local prices

This modern bar caters to both western and eastern taste buds serving local and international brands of vodka, whiskey, wine, rum and beer. Among these varied choices, Tiger Beer and Myanmar Beer are the cheapest while most of the cocktails on offer cost less than two or three dollars.